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    Lifts and Elevators

    The elevator is a power-driven lifting machinery doing intermittent movement along the vertical guide rails in different plane with cars of boatloads device.Elevator structure includes: four spaces and eight systems. Four spaces are  room parts, well and pit parts, car parts, landing parts. Eight systems are traction systems, guidance systems, car, door systems, weight balance systems, electric drive systems, electrical control systems, security systems. Our ML800 series is used in the electric drive system of elevator and MS80 series is used in the electrical control system of elevator.


    ML800 series is an independent research and development, produce elevator integrated controller of Megmeet Drive Technology Co.,Ltd. Taking safety and reliability into account in the first place,it integrate elevator control and motor drive perfectly,tegether with elevator installation, commissioning, operation, repair and maintenance and other inherent characteristics of links,the overall optimal design has been done.It is a new generation elevator controller with advanced level. ML800 Series control system as shown below.


    ML800 series elevator integrated controller has the following salient features:

    1. Excellent driving control technology

    Motor self-learning is unnecessary, when all the wiring is done, can directly start well self-studying, then can be used normally

    Unique algorithms without weighing, after simple debugging, satisfactory start and stop comfort can be achieved.

    Driving all types of elevator traction machine, achieve true integration drive.

    2. Perfect logic control technology

    According to the distance required to reach the target level,real-time computing operating curve and dynamic error correction during operation, achieve direct docked.

    Redundant safety design, control systems and drive systems havesafety protection function that greatly improve the safety factor of the elevator

    2-way CAN communication, independent control of the car and the hall display, achieve different characteristics display of internal and external

    Independent RS422 communication, achieve simple parallel and group control ((the number of group control Ladder can up to 8)

    Independent RS232 communication, achieve program download from short range and long distance and status monitoring

    3.Superior customer usage characteristics

    Maximum elevator speed is 6m / s, the highest floor is 48-layer, meet customer selection

    Combining elevator control and motor drive make the whole system compact, simple wiring, high reliability and simple operation

    Debug all parameters using the elevator integrated controller control panel in the elevator car, which greatly facilitate the customers to debug

    Full range of built-in brake unit

    Supports multiple encoder (open collector, push-pull, UVW, SinCos)

    Structure optimized design, enabling customers to install, and can be applied to install without room