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    Shenzhen Megmeet Drive Technology Co.,Ltd.  is a leading manufacturer of AC , servo  drives and power converter for commercial and industrial applications. Our innovative products are widely used in the most demanding applications requiring performance, reliability and energy efficiency.

    Our Company focused on the development, production and sales of drives and related power conversion systems, providing customized solutions to high-end customers quickly based on our strong innovation capabilities, achieving win-win situation. Our main products include low and medium voltage drives, integrated and special drive, servo systems, vehicle motor controller, etc.,mainly for  equipment manufacturing, recyclable   energy and energy saving . Our products have been widely used in different industries like elevators, cranes, rubber and plastics, automotive, municipal, printing and packaging, textiles, wire and cable, machine tools, fabricated metal products, coal mining, building materials, metallurgy and so on.

    Our company is a National High-tech Enterprise, subsidiary Nanjing Software Company passed the national "double soft" enterprise certification. The company won the “ 2012 China Top Ten Innovative Enterprises in Electric Industry”, and participated in  the National 863 key project as the core enterprise. Our electric vehicle motor controllers won the first prize in the “2012 China HEV Bus Energy Saving Competition ”.

    A group of  engineers with Ph.D.  have been working in drive and power electronics  field  for a long time  in well-known overseas companies, having a deep understanding  of  drive and power electronic conversion and related industrial products.  Furthermore, over 40%  team members have undergraduate degree or above from domestic well-known college, the core team members having  more than ten years working experience of  well-known big companies in China. 

    By June 28, 2022,  our company has been awarded  75 patents and copyrights, including 6 inventive patents, 43 utility model patents,12 appearance patents  and 14 software copyrights.