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    Megmeet Drive Technology Co.,Ltd.manufacture motor drive products in strict accordance with ISO9001: 2008 standards. If the product is abnormal, please contact with the product supplier or Megmeet Drive Technology Co.,Ltd.headquarters in time, our company will provide users with a full range of technical support services.

    Warranty period

    Product warranty period is 18 months from the date of purchase, but not more than 24 months according to the manufacture date on the nameplate.

    Warranty range

    During the warranty period, abnormalities due to the Company's obligations arising can get a free repair or replacement,if the following situation occurs, it will charge a service fee, even during the warranty period.

    1. Damage caused by fires, floods, intense lightning strikes and others.

    2. Man-made damage caused by self-transformation.

    3. Damage caused by dropped  or in transit after purchasing.

    4. Damage caused by the use beyond the standard specification requirement.

    5. Damage caused by operation and use not follow the manual.

    After-sales Service

    1.If you have special requirements when installing and commissioning drive, or drive work is unsatisfactory, please contact the product agent or Megmeet Drive Technology Co., Ltd.

    2.When an abnormalities occurs, please contact with the product supplier or Megmeet Drive Technology Co., Ltd. in time

    3.During the warranty period, unusual because of manufacturing and design, the company will make free repairs

    4.After the warranty period, the company do paid maintenance according to customer requirements

    5.The service fee according to the actual costs, if it has agreement, agreement takes precedence.