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    Oil Production

    Applications background:

    Oil recoverymachinery includes crank-link kowtow machine and straight pumping.Requirements ofoil recovery machinery are getting higher and higheron energy saving and safety nowadays.The following detailed description of our products shows the energy-saving and reliability features on both machines.

    Kowtow machine:

    Traditional kowtow machine is a two-speed motor driven gearbox under frequency conditions, pulling the  tauren pull rod piston moves up and down with driving crank-link. But pumping requires the downside penetration large, the pumping quantity of the above piston is large,the upward penetration small , to avoid leaks that uplink fast and downlink slow,additionally, each well wax and sand mud content is different, the experts put forward adjusting balance on balance block to maintain this process run, so tauren upward acceleration, the motor power, power regenerate to grid, causing damage power grid and energy waste. Later, the industry proposed method using frequency conversion energy consumption, when Power generation, open bus brake pipe, the energy consumed in the braking resistor, can not achieve the energy saving.

    MV300G and MV600G special for oilfield posed the asynchronous open-loop speed  tracking program, controlling transitions between kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy so as to save energy. Features of MV600  are: smooth with no impact  on the speed track, small noise harmonics, small loss, no impact to grid, the open-loop control can be adapted to the harsh environment, safety and reliability, saving rate up to 6% under baseband state, higher under speed regulation state.

    Straight pumping oil machine:

    Straight pumping oil machine is the new program in oil recovery industry, which uses synchronous external rotor motors placed at the top of the pumping unit,  playing the role of fixed pulley, steel wire hang sucker onone side,and hang weights on the other side, sucker rod pulls the plunger pump piston reciprocating motion, extracts the crude oil of infiltrating the fortress; clump weight up and down reciprocating motion in a fixed itinerary, existing asynchronous and synchronous closed loop position control has been unable to meet the energy saving requirements and harsh environments of oilfield.

    Our MV600G that special for oilfield put forward an synchronous open-loop positioning control scheme, motor drive clump weight reciprocate in a fixed itinerary, and it ensure not exceed the upper and lower limits,  safety and reliability is very high. The feature of our MV600G is started smoothly and non-impact, fast dynamic response, low noise, harmonics and loss, position control of high precision (0.05% of the cumulative error), without touching the trip switch, avoid touching the mechanical switch failure, open loop control can be adapted to the harsh environment, higher security and reliability.

    Currently these two programs have been used in large domestic oilfield, reliability and energy efficiency get consistent high praise.