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    Cranes and Hoists

    Craning and hoisting equipment

    Construction crane

    Megmeet drive MV600L series widely used in building construction sites around the world. With a very wide voltage range, excellent environment adaptability, flexible vector control algorithm, professional brake inspection and control functions, our drive can provide the perfect motor-driven solutions for the construction crane. Typical applications include:

    Tower Cranes

    Slewing: flexible vector control for one-driving-more

    Lifting: Closed-loop vector control,light load speeding up, brake inspection and control

    Luffing: light load speeding up

    Traveling: flexible vector control for one-driving-more

    Construction Hoist

    Flexible vector control for one-driving-more


    Megmeet MV600L and MV300G series drive provide comprehensive solution for driving, from several kW electric hoist load to several hundred tons of  large-scale machinery, megmeet has drives that ensure safe and reliable crane operation. Main applications include cranes,crown block,electric hoist, typical application include:

    Building materials factory

    Paper mill

    Metallurgy and deep processing

    Food and bulk workshop

    Automobile manufacturing factory

    Equipment manufacturing

    Stereoscopic Warehouse

    Modern logistics with stereo warehousing equipment enables high-rise warehouse rationalization, access automation and operation simplicity. Megmeet drive’s design features such as modular, networking and high-density enable it extensively used in stereo storage devices of various industries. Typical applications include:

          Stereo garage

    Large storage

    Mine hoisting

    Mine hoisting equipment is used to ship ore, coal, waste rock or gangue and lifting persons and equipments, etc.along the mine shaft. As a lifting-dedicated drive,MV600L has characteriscics such as wide voltage design, three proofing process and strong overload capacity,enabling it widely used in the industry. Typical applications include:

      Inclined shaft hoisting system

      Shaft hoisting system

          Conveyor hoisting system

    Megmeet products for craning and hoisting equipment

    MV600L: MV600L is a industry-specific drive for craning and hoisting equipment. Craning and hoisting equipment usually used in relatively harsh environment,  mostly using outdoors,such as dramatic change of temperature (-40 ~ +50 ° C)and easy to condense,dust with excessive water vapor, grid fluctuations (300 ~ 480V), sea port corrosive salt spray, etc,which we’ve done targeted design and treatment process. For the consideration of safety first of craning and hoisting equipment it integrates detection and control of brake system, and assessment on brake reliability;furthermore it integrates light load speeding up function for improving efficiency.

    For the harmony of speed and torque,MV600L also have primary and secondary control of multiple drive. For multi-motor synchronization control,we developed multi-motor open loop vector control. MV600L has been widely used in  lifting, slewing, pitch, size vehicles traveling, luffing, grab, electric hoists and other organizations of ports, ships, mining, metallurgy, factories,etc. MV600L supports Profibus-DP, CANOPEN, CAN2.0 and other bus protocol.

    MV300 series vector control general drive is widely used in general-purpose machinery and equipment and energy saving projects. Its excellent open-loop vector control function, complete various bus adapter cards, making it applicable to single-and multi-drive transmission systems.