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    Port and Freight Terminal Machinery

    Craning drive——Shrugs

    With leading variable frequency drive technology,Megmeet dedicated to develop craning market. Megmeet drives show excellent characteristics in smooth precise speed and torque control, efficient energy feedback,strong noise suppression, so that it can accommodate a full range of characteristics such as high starting torque in craning industry, frequent changes of load, obvious vibration. That will significantly shorten the debugging cycle of the equipment, and help saving system and operating costs.

    Meet industry needs in all ranges

     ? Driving power up to 2000kW

     ? The voltage level range from 220VAC to 690VAC

     ? Internal brake unit in less than 75kW as standard

     ? Automatic identification of motor parameters

     ? Rich driven application macros for craning industry-specific

     ? Multiple bus options fit a variety of control systems

    Fast response, high precision control

     ? Precise open or closed loop vector control

     ? The compensation of slippery difference control and the memory function of torque

     ? The response time of torque controller can be less than 2ms

    Preventive overload monitoring

     ? Drive ramp time is automatically adjusted

     ? Line unit temperature can be controlled by adjusting the lifting action

     ?  If the temperature is too high, you can shut down the system if needed

     ? Fan speed can be controlled

    Smooth drive, fully functional, strong overload capacity

     ? High start torque: 0Hz 150%(without PG vector),0Hz 200% (with PG Vector)
     ? High chopper frequency, low motor noise

     ? Good EMC interference rejection technology

     ? HD overload capacity 150% rated current for 1 minute, 200% rated current for 0.5 second 

     ? Adapt to a wide range of ambient temperatures

     ? If use four-quadrant plan, system COS φ ≈ 1


    Rubber tire gantry(RTG)

    Gantry cranes, lifts

    Tower crane

    Electric hoist cranes, etc.