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    L6 Series Low Voltage Servo Drive

    L6 series low voltage servo drive is a high-performance drive developed by Shenzhen Megmeet Drive Technology Co., Ltd. for the low-speed car industry.  It solves the problems of traditional low-speed fuel vehicles, such as difficult operation, high pollution, high energy consumption and difficult maintenance. It is mainly used in intelligent warehouse logistics vehicles, electric forklifts, golf carts, and elderly bicycles.

    1.Rich power curve settings to enhance driving experience;
    2.Flexible analog auto-tuning function for easy debugging;
    3.It has the function of steep slope descent and automatic anti-slope function; 
    4.Intelligent differential controller plus turning limit controller, the smooth running of the whole vehicle is realized without vcu, and the 360° turning in place is perfectly realized;
    5.Optimized motor control algorithm to improve the operation effect of low speed section and high speed section;
    6.Support synchronous machine and asynchronous machine at the same time, support ordinary Hall sensor and resolver, realize multi-purpose of one machine;
    7.Using the handheld controller or the host computer software, the controller status can be monitored in real time, and the controller parameters can be modified, saved, and copied to improve debugging efficiency.

    Product technical specifications

    Product name and model 

    Note: 96V and 144V models are being developed, *indicates that there is no such parameter.