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    "Ten Years of Thanksgiving, Build the Future Together" - Megmeet Drive Technology Grandly Held 10th Anniversary and New Year Celebration

    January 26, 2018, " Ten Years of Thanksgiving, Build the Future Together - the tenth anniversary and New Year celebration of Megmeet Drive Technology " was held at Daoxiang Hotel.

    At the beginning of the celebration, Mr. Liao Haiping, general manager of Shenzhen Megmeet Drive Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a speech. He said that ten years is only a wave in the river of years. Looking back over the past ten years, the company thanked every member of the team for their hard work, thanks to the strong support of partners, hope that in the coming days, all staff work together to create a better tomorrow for the enterprise. In celebrating the ten thanniversary of our company, I wish all staff and partners good health, family happiness, all the best!

    The development of the company relies on the hard work of all the staff. After the celebration begin, the company first solemnly commended outstanding individuals and teams in 2017 and individuals who had worked for 10 years. The dedication award, the performance excellence award, the outstanding contribution award, the outstanding team award and the ten-year dedication award were presented. Their work was affirmed and hoped that we can take them as an example, make persistent efforts.Servo product line General Manager Huang made an award-winning speech, he thanked the support of other departments, thanks to efforts of every member of the team, he was convinced that MEGMEET servo will enter the first echelon of the China Industrial Automation Servo, the servo team will grow rapidly and become stronger together with the company! Mr. Liao Haiping, general manager,expressed his special gratitude to the colleagues who have won the ten-year dedication award. "During the development of the company, the insistence and perseverance of these employees let everyone see the bright future of the company. These employees should also get more reuse from the company , and proposed to pay tribute to them! "Award Winning Representative Mr. Shen wish the company better and better, is willing to continue to grow with the company!

    The development of the company relies on the strong support of partners, good supplier award was presented. Award Winning Representative made an award-winning speech. "They will give Megmeet drive more support in the future cooperation and are willing to work hand in hand with Megmeet drive towards a better tomorrow!"

    Various programs were brought on the celebration, dancing, fashion shows, skit, poetry recitation, and so on, the audience applauded the thundering. The program interspersed with lively games and lottery interactive links to bring the celebration to the climax. The whole festival climax after another, showing the joy and harmony of this big family of Megmeet drive technology.

    In a laughter, the celebration ended.

    2007,calves born; 2017, usher in flourishing. Ten years of tempering, Thanksgiving hand in hand through the ten years. 2018, a new starting point, a new opportunity, we will take the firm pace of the next decade, step by step,continuous innovation and development, pragmatic and enterprising, adhere to the product as a fundamental and customer-centric, provide our users higher cost-effective products and more timely and perfect service. Megmeet drive technology is willing to work with you to drive unlimited possibilities, createa better tomorrow, achieve win-win situation, build a better future!