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    Mine Equipment

    Superior environmental adaptability, advanced AC drive technology

    Megmeet AC drive products meet all application requirements of users in the field of mining. Our products cover the power range of 0.25kW-2MW, its supply power voltage can be selected from 220VAC to 1140VAC

    Leading technology, reliable performance

     ? All drives and devices have passed the maximum operating ambient temperature testing and full load test

     ? All drives are made with high quality components that ensure long-term reliable operation

     ? Perfect protection function can guarantee the high reliability and safety of operation, flexible control and integration capabilities

     ? Fully suitable for simple speed control and complex load distribution

     ? Flexibly suitable for a variety of industrial bus networks

     ? I/O expansion can easily be achieved by using fast pluggable terminal   

     ? Communications technology enables logic control functionality more powerful, adding a variety of modern concepts.

     ? Quick and easy installation

     ? Functions of start wizard for simple debugging

     ? Compact structure, easy maintenance

     ? Motor parameter auto-tuning function

    Main applications

    Mine hoists

    Emulsion pump of mining channel

    Belt conveyor

    Ventilation systems, etc.