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    MV300、MV600 series drive and SVM servo drive of Megmeet can be widely used in various applications in the metallurgical industry. Our drives have a wide voltage range, excellent environmental adaptability, excellent vector control algorithm, high start torque performance, excellent high-power servo control accuracy, supporting PROFIBUS-DP field bus card, " three proofings " process. It can provide the perfect motor drive solutions for all aspects of metalworking. Typical applications include:

    Fans, pumps, compressors

    Traffic, furnace hoisting skip, converter tilting

    Roller, pinch roller, car, and other mill auxiliary transmissions,

    Coiling, flying shear

    Non-ferrous metal extrusion

    Blast furnace

    MV300、MV600 series drive of megmeet provide a full range of motor drive solutions for blast furnace smelting equipment such as fans, pumps, traffic, cars furnace hoisting skip, converter tilting, transferring. They have an excellent performance in high start torque, overload, rapid response when the  motor load is few kilowatts to several hundred kilowatts

    Cold-rolled, hot-rolled, wire rod production line

    With PROFIBUS-DP field bus card support, convenient common DC bus design, high overload capacity and high starting torque, high speed control accuracy and dynamic response speed, precise servo control performance, application-specific functions of coiling, MV300、MV600 series drive and SVM servo drive of Megmeet provid a full range of drive solutions for various roller, pinch roller, trolley drive, winding, flying shear device in the cold-rolled, hot-rolled production line.

    Non-ferrous metal extrusion

    Using hydraulic non-ferrous metals extrusion equipment such as aluminum extrusion machines and other equipment.Based on hydraulic control characteristics, combining Megmeet servo drives with high overload capacity, and dynamic response of speed MV600J hydraulic servo dedicated drive can also provide very good integrated solution.

    Megmeet products for metallurgical equipment:

    MV300: MV300 series vector control drive is widely used in fans, pumps, compressors, roller, transmission and other equipment in the metallurgical industry. Its superior open-loop vector control performance, complete various bus adapter cards, making that MV300 series can be applied to single-and multi-drive transmission.




    MV600G: MV600G series vector control drive is widely used in metallurgical industry which require a higher needs of the closed-loop control of the situation, leading integrated motor control algorithms, capable of driving induction motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, supporting for multiple types of encoder and resolver, also supporting Profibus-DP, CANOPEN, CAN2.0 and other bus. And it can meet types of equipments needs of high-performance closed-loop control.




    MV600L: MV600L is industry-specific drive for craning and hoisting equipment. Metallurgical industry equipment be used in the relatively harsh environment, such as the most equipment is outdoors: dramatic change of temperature (-40 ~ +50 ° C)and easy condensation,dust with excessive water vapor, large grid fluctuations (300 ~ 480V),etc. we use targeted design and treatment process. For improving efficiency it integrates light load and increasing speed function.

    MV600L also has many primary and secondary control of drive to get the harmony of speed and torque. For multi-motor synchronous control specially developed motor open loop vector control.

    SVM servo drives: SVM series servo drives have a variety of position control mode, synchronous and asynchronous motor control integration, a wide power range (1.5kW ~ 400kW), fast dynamic response, big output torque, suitable for the metallurgical industry shear, flying shears engineering applications.




    MV600J: MV600J proprietary hydraulic servo control module has excellent unique PID control algorithm, supporting multiple types of encoder and resolver, coupling with high overload capacity, high start torque and dynamic response speed, fully meeting the metal extrusion technology and energy saving needs.