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    Printing and Packaging

    Megmeet MV series drive, SVM servo drive are widely used in the printing and packaging industry. It can provide perfect solution for cutting machine, gravure printing machine, laminating machine, coating machine and other printing and packaging machinery and paper processing equipment. Typical applications include:

    Retractable roll equipment

    Printing and packaging machinery transmission mechanism generally has winding and unwinding part, including the winding section, unwinding part and the main drive parts, related products of megmeet has the corresponding solutions:

    Winding: constant tension control. Torque or speed control mode, support tension open-loop and closed-loop , support motor open-loop and closed-loop

    Unwinding: constant tension control. Open-loop tension torque mode and closed-loop tension speed mode, support motor open-loop and closed-loop

    Main drive: control the overall speed. Speed mode, support motor open-loop and closed-loop

    Paper processing equipment

    Paper processing equipment has been mentioned here, mainly refers to secondary processing machinery equipment which process the types of finished board. Secondary processing for the finished cardboard fixed-length flying shear, angle bending, etc., solutions of Megmeet products corresponding paper processing industry:

    Feed: high-power servo precision, high-efficiency feed, feeding. Servo control mode, supporting a variety of motor encoder, supporting internal position given or host computer position given.

    Flying cut: high precision, high efficiency, high position repeatability. Speed control mode, provide rotary cut card, built-in rotary cutting algorithm.supporting internal position given or host computer position given

    Bending: high precision, high efficiency, high position repeatability. Servo control mode, supports a variety of motor encoder, supporting internal position given or host computer position given

    Introduction of Megmeet driver for printing and packaging industry:

    MV300 Series Vector Control Universal Drive is widely used in general-purpose machinery and equipment and energy saving projects. Its superior open-loop vector control performance, complete various bus adapter cards, making that MV300 series can be applied to single-and multi-drive transmission. High precision, high efficiency, high position repeatability.


    MV600G is a new generation of high-performance integrated vector control platform,using advanced integrated drive solutions to achieve a synchronous motor drive and induction motor-driven integration, torque control and speed control integration, its drive indicators achieve industry-leading standard and meet the needs of a variety of complex high performance customer applications. Meanwhile, MV600G with perfect anti-tripping control and harsh power, temperature, humidity, dust suitability, greatly improving product reliability and on-site adaptability. MV600G offer modular expansion solution, on the premise of meeting the common needs of customer, convenient expansion can flexibly meet customers’ industry-oriented and individual needs. MV600G has built-in PG interface and powerful speed control, torque control. Practical closed-loop process control, multi-function input and output terminals, the given pulse frequency, simple PLC, primary and secondary given control and so on, meeting the requirements of  complex and high-precision drive applications, it has greatly value to reduce system cost and improve system reliability.

    MV600T is a tension control specific drive developed by Megmeet Drive Technology Co., Ltd .which can automatically control the output torque or adjust the speed of traction machine, so that the  tension on the band (line) can maintain a constant, it is suitable for paper, paper processing, printing, packaging, wire and cable, adhesive tape, textile, leather, metal foil processing, fibers, rubber and other industries. For winding, unwinding control, the drive bring its own an internal diameter calculation module which can automatically calculate the change in diameter of the roll, making tension control more precise.MV600T can completely replace the torque motors, DC motors, tension controllers and so on, independently constituted tension control system, comparing with the traditional control scheme tension controller plus drive, the drive can make the system more compact, reducing cost, easy maintenance and get a more stable control.

    The drive power range of SV-Master servo is 1.5 ~ 400kW, with torque control, speed control and position control mode, and switching mode online; enables high-speed weakening control of permanent magnet synchronous motors, induction motor speed spindle drive; supporting multiple PG expansion cards, such as incremental ABZUVW encoder, Resolver encoder and SinCos encoder etc. For machine tool servo spindle, it can achieve spindle accurate stop, spindle tool change, rigid tapping function, spindle swing, reaming and other functions; and rotary shear functions, angle synchronization.The unique dual-PG control can effectively solve the problem that actuator position control is not accurate which caused by skidding.