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    Rubber and Plastics

    Plastic products are more and more used in our production and life, small to a plastic screw, large to household appliances, automobile parts, it can be said that plastic are inextricably linked with people’s life. From raw material waste sorting, compression, granulation to a variety of molding machinery, the original control method and process, plastic machinery exists those drawbacks that varying degrees of energy waste and products low repeat precision, poor quality, low productivity, large machinery and equipment noise. Megmeet MV series drives, servo drives can provide a full range of solutions for all types of plastic machinery for industry application development.

    Granulation machinery Extrusion Machinery Blowing Machine

    MEGMEET MV300G vector drive is widely used in all kinds of plastic machinery, such as granulation, extrusion, blown film, etc., it has advantages of energy conservation, improving product quality, reducing equipment maintenance.

    Molding machine

    Early in the 1990s, Japan's Daikin company first proposed the electro-hydraulic servo system which is used in the molding machine, and achieved great success, so the Japanese government award to it the Industrial Energy Saving Progress, and later appeared Kawasaki, Yuken servo and so on. China's first Haitian servo J5 series models come out in 2003. It created a precedent for China plastic machine servo applications.Electro-hydraulic servo system broke through the traditional design concept, PQ open-loop control was transformed to closed-loop control, with high precision, high response permanent magnet synchronous motor instead of induction motor, making China plastic machine Industrytechnologylevel ascent to a new height. MEGMEET MV600J electro-hydraulic servo drive uses flow, pressure closed-loop control, combine perfect weakening control brings amazing efficiency, it bring more energy conservation, precision, high efficiency, quiet operation effect for molding machine system, it has many mature reform and supporting applications in the market, thousands of machines stable operation around the world.

    MEGMEET MV600J electro-hydraulic servo drive features:

    ◆ Wide voltage range designed to meet the various grid environments

    ◆ Full range of servo design adapt to highly dynamic, high-strength load operation of molding machines

    ◆ 75KW and below drive built-in braking unit, install wiring easily, higher reliability

    ◆ PCB board three proofing paint brush handle, fully adapted to the wet, oil mist, dust, particles and other harsh environments of molding machine

    ◆ Motor temperature detection (support PTC, KTY84) and protection, pressure sensors power failure protection, effectively ensure the safe operation of the  molding machine systems

    ◆ Unique multi-pump of merge control and multi-pump of merge and diversion control

    ◆ Unique dual displacement pump control

    ◆ Factory empirical parameters can meet more than 90% of the on-site conditions requirement

    ◆ Multiple motor tuning mode selectable

    ◆ Multiple PI automatically switches, control system response and overshoot effectively。

    ◆ Convenient PC TOOLING debugging software

    ◆ High position repeatability precision, plastic injection end position error can be controlled in 0.1mm

    ◆ High pressure control precision, pressure fluctuations can be controlled within ±0.5bar

    ◆ High pressure response rate, the fastest of  the maximum pressure can up to 2030ms

    Die Casting Machine  Shoes Machine  Blow Molding Machine

    In addition to the molding machine, MEGMEET MV600J electro-hydraulic servo drives are also widely used, such as die-casting machine, shoe machine, blow molding machines and other plastic machinery and equipment, with advantages of substantial energy saving, improving product quality, increasing productivity, mute, environmental protection and so on.

    MV600J is a hydraulic servo drives which is specially developed for molding machinery by MEGMEET company. Based on the study and understanding of molding machinery process and oil circuit, MV600J uses optimized PID algorithm to achieve precise control of pressure and flow, bringing more efficient work for molding machinery while improving product accuracy at the same time, high reliable CAN communication match the unique algorithm for multi-pump control, achieve more with a single pump in parallel, merge and diversion control easily; support motor KTY / PTC temperature detection, real-time detect motor temperature. MV600L are widely used in molding machines and all kinds of hydraulic energy-saving machinery and facilities.