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    Machine Manufacturing

    Being a work host ,machine tools bear half of the workload of machinery and equipment manufacture. Therefore, high accuracy, high repeatability and high efficiency have been the important norm to measure the performance of machine tools. Motor drive system as the executing agency of machine tools, will determine the merits of these performance indicators. Megmeet SVM servo drive system, MV600, MV300 and MT160 drive can provide a comprehensive solution for all types of machine tools, and have a mass of mature applications.

    Machine tools spindle

    Common lathe spindle

    Asynchronous open-loop spindle    

    MT160 is a new type of machine tool spindle dedicated drive, using no speed sensor vector control algorithm.It has international leader performance in motor control, and customize factory parameters for machine tool spindle applications. In the case of matching motorsthere is no need to set parameters. Applications of machine tool using MT160 have the following characteristics:

    The maximum carrier frequency of MT160 series drive can up to 16k, running frequency up to 1500Hz in V / F mode, operating frequency can up to 650Hz in open loop vector mode,

    Low frequency torque is big, a corresponding increase in mechanical feed rate and cutting depth , improving the efficiency

    Wide speed range, weakening control can up to 6:1 in open-loop vector control.steady speed under weakeningmagnetic, good surface treat

    Fast torque response, accelerate and decelerate rapidly, improve efficiency

    "BACK OFF" function ensure that the drive is still able to run to the highest speed when it encountered large load, to eliminate "chipping"

    Asynchronous closed-loop spindle

    Synchronous closed-loop spindle

    As a synchronous and asynchronous integration drive,SVM series servo driveis widely used in high-precision engraving and milling machining center,  CNC precision automatic lathe, complex CNC machining center, its characteristics are:

    High zero speed lock axis-force, high positioning accuracy

    Positioning rapidly, changing tool faster

    Maximum closed-loop 1200HZ , low speed torque large

    When load change rapidly, fasttorque response , good speed stability

    Short acceleration and deceleration time,high production efficiency

    Strong anti-interference ability

    Machine Tool Feed

    The power range of SVM series servo drive is 1.5 ~ 400kW, it is very suitable for high-power feed. It can accept  following position command mode:analog, pulse and communication bus,and provide hybrid differential encoders, rotary encoders and SinCos encoder feedback interface. Typical applications include:


    Automatic Boring

    Multi-axis machining centers

    punching machine

    MV300G series vector control drive have super overload capacity, fast torque response and perfect current control, fully meet the high-speed punch output stability, accuracy, and reliability requirements.

    SVM series servo drive:

    The power range of SV-Master servo drive is 1.5 ~ 400kW, with torque control, speed control and position control mode, and switching mode online; enables high-speed weakening control of permanent magnet synchronous motors, induction motor high-speed spindle drive; supports multiple PG expansion cards, such as incremental ABZUVW encoder, resolver encoder and SinCos encoder etc. For machine tool servo spindle, it can achieve spindle accurate stop, spindle tool change, rigid tapping function, spindle swing, reaming and other functions; can achieve rotary shear functions, angle synchronization.

    MT160 drive special for machine tool:

    MT160 series is a drive special for cutting lathe spindle. Its cutting torque is big when frequency is low, speed is stable, torque response is fast, speed range is wide, induction motor weakening control can up to 8 times. Its special structure is designed to prevent oil and dust erosion .


    MV300G vector control drive:

    MV300 series vector control general drive is widely used in general-purpose machinery and energy saving projects. Its superior performance on open-loop vector control, complete various bus adapter cards, making that MV300 series can be applied to single-and multi-drive transmission systems.